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Small Business Management Consulting and Training
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Your guide to establishing a new business successfully
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SME Hub Mentors was formed in 2015 by Mr. Carl Aucamp as an operating entity to service the demand for effective small business development. Mr. Aucamp approached and secured expert small business consultants who were all involved with the Small Business Advisory Bureau (now part of the North-West University Business School) to be part of SME Hub Mentors. These consultants were also involved with the compilation of accredited North-West University small business management courses, the presentation thereof as well as with small business consultation methodologies and active consultations. They are all still actively involved in the Small Business Development fraternity.



Skills Courses Presented


General Related Advice Rendered


Specific Consultations




We believe that Entrepreneurship and successful Small Business practices is the cornerstone of any healthy economy. With our expert services we see a future where people in South Africa are able to build productive lives for themselves by actively participating in the economy through Entrepreneurship and successful Small Business Enterprises.


The proof is in the pudding.

Before I started this course, I was totally Clue-Less.  There is no other word for it : CLUE-LESS !!!!

I personally think that this course is one of a kind.  It shows you a lot of things all in one.  I finished my Grade 12 in 1995, and I never thought I would do a course like this that will help me and my husband so much.

I know there is many courses that you can do ‘’Business –Wise’’.  But I am sure they don’t have so much info as this course.  It is plain and simple, and easy to understand.  People that is young and old will really benefit from this course.

I am hoping that this course will be growing in the future.  There must be more than one course like this in 1 year.  It will really help other people and businesses in the long-run.

- Antionette

Hi Carl

I don’t have words to express my gratitude to the commitment, hard work and dedication you put to your students when you’re working with them making sure that they understand all the courses and applying them to their Businesses.

My achievement I obtained this 2015 I will treasure and use it to my best ability as to me it`s like I have received a Key to unlock every door that I want. You gave me back my confidence on how to approach any kind of business, (Especially knowledge of Financials),creating my own Business Plan was hard but it taught me that as it`s my Business I`m the person who will know it better that anyone and that I can be able to edit it as the business grows.

- Bonolo Kundlande

This program helped me to see the business world from another perspective, that one has to know what is happening in one’s business first hand. Through this program this has been made possible in that the modules covered all the pertinent aspect of running the business, in a more practical manner. It taught me the importance of cost saving and the importance of healthy cash-flow. My most challenging and yet most important and modules were Financial Skills and Marketing Skills. Overall, a worthwhile course.

- Ms Monene Maluleka

The value of this course is remarkable and I am going to continue to implement strategies and tips you have taught us

I am looking forward to continuous mentorship, development and growth of my business

Carl thank you for the delicious food, thank you for your patience, your lectures have been transformation for the class as a whole.

We have grown academically, spiritually and socially and this has grown our network

This is indeed a course long overdue!

- Mpho Serapelo

“All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.” Walt Disney